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Make Your Web Pages Livelier with Jekyll

Manu S Ajith
Publications Open Source For You | May 2014, Page 58-59


GitHub Pages are public Web pages hosted for free by Jekyll, on the other hand, is a simple blog-aware static site generator. This article introduces readers to both GitHub Pages and Jekyll, before demonstrating how the two open source projects can be made to work in tandem to create a wonderful blog.

ORM in Ruby: An Introduction

Manu A Ajith
Blog Article Sitepoint | May 5, 2014


Anyone with experience in developing web based applications or using a web framework has dealt with relational databases, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Dealing with SQL can be a bit scary at times, especially when dealing with data across different tables and applying various filters.
This is where ORM comes to the rescue.

An Introduction to Bitcoin

Manu A Ajith
Blog Article Sitepoint | March 31, 2014


Bitcoin is a “digital currency” that’s received quite a bit of attention recently. Where does it come from and how is its value determined? Is it an acceptable way to make/recieve payments as Bitcoins ? Bitcoin is an open-source, peer-to-peer virtual currency that exists purely in digital form. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment […]

Looking at XMPP and the XMPP4R Gem

Manu A Ajith
Blog Article Sitepoint | February 26, 2014


The eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol aka as Jabber (the protocol was originally named Jabber and was developed by the Jabber open-source community) is a protocol to exchange messages between 2 entities. Those messages are transmitted over the wire in the XML format. It’s used by Jabber, Google Talk, Google Wave, Pidgin, Kopete, and all sorts of open source instant messaging applications.

The (Silver) Bullet for the N+1 Problem

Manu A Ajith
Blog Article Sitepoint | January 9, 2014


Rails is one of the popular choices when it comes to building your Minimum Viable Products(MVP). You can bootstrap, prototype, and release an application with such ease that Rails is many developers default choce for an MVP. Usually while developing these prototypes, most developers don’t consider the performance indexes, which really shouldn’t be a concern […]

Some Ways ActiveSupport Helps Ruby Developers

Manu A Ajith
Blog Article Sitepoint | August 26, 2013


Ruby is an object-oriented, interpreted language invented by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1993 that is heavily inspired by Perl and Lisp. Since its inception, Ruby has been designed to be a “joy to use” – meaning a strong focus on readability and elegance. Ruby on Rails, often simply Rails, is an open source web application framework […]


  • Languages
    Programming Languages that I use.
    Ruby Golang ElixirJavascript
  • Frameworks
    Frameworks that I am familiar with.
    Rails Sinatra AngularJs BackboneJs MeteorJsMartiniGorillaBeegoPhoenix
  • Database
    Databases that I use.
    MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB RedisRethinkDBInfluxDBCouchDB
  • Libraries
    Frontend libraries commonly used.
    jQueryES5/6Babel BrunchGulpYeoman Twitter Bootstrap Foundation
  • Web Servers
    Production webservers.
    Apache Nginx Passenger Unicorn PumaCowboy
  • Templates
    Templating engines and CSS.
  • Testing
    Commonly used test suites.
    Rspec Capybara FactoryGirl CuccumberJasmineKarmaVelocity
  • Cloud
    Familiar cloud services.
    AWS Heroku Engineyard Digital Ocean
  • CI
    Continous Integration/ Automation tools.
    Jenkins Capistrano Chef Mina
  • OS
    Operating systems used.
    Ubuntu Centos Open Suse Macintosh

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